Resin bonded diamond wire

1、Roll picture and micrograph

2、Resin bonded diamond wire series

Product name

Wire core Dia.


Resin wire Dia.


Diamond specification


Cutting waste

Resin bonded diamond wire Φ0.110 Φ0.135 15-25 0.145-0.150
Resin bonded diamond wire Φ0.100 Φ0.115 8-16 0.125-0.130
Resin bonded diamond wire Φ0.090 Φ0.105 8-12 0.115-0.120
Resin bonded diamond wire

Product feature

• High strength of resin and diamond, make wire having good cutting ability
• Good matching of wire core and diamond, make better cutting performance and better  wafer surface quality
• Wire core with high resistance to distortion , make low rate of wire breaking
• Compared with traditional mortar cutting, it can reduce 20% cost and improve 40% processing efficiency
• Bigger production capacity and lower cost by self-developed technology and equipment