Lapping slurry for diamond

Product introduction

RYD-XX-XX series of lapping slurry used in a variety of thinning and polishing of high hardness materials, including sapphire, optical crystal, other gem material, hard alloy, etc. This product is made of high quality diamond powder, dispersing agent, suspending agent and medium composition, diversity formula, which can adapt to a variety of grinding process and material. 

Product feature and advantage
1. use deep processing of diamond micro powder, improve the material removal rate
2. use deep processing of diamond micro powder, reduce the scratch probability
3. good dispersion performance, not easy to get together
4. excellent storage stability, no obvious settlement within 4 days
5. good lubricity
6. easy to clean after grinding

product technical parameters
According to the type of diamond powder (M said Mono-crystalline, P said poly-crystalline, N said Nano ), dispersion medium (O said oily, W said waterborne) to differentiate products, specifications stipulated by diamond powder particle size range. In accordance with the grinding requirements and material, we can provide a variety of specifications of products.
It is used in sapphire substrate grinding process, sapphire window pills of commonly products for RYS-MO-24, the basic technical parameters are as follows:
Diamond content: 10-20cts/500ml
Diamond particle size distribution: 2-4 microns
Viscosity: 3-9 mpas

Product packaging instructions
Plastic bottle, 500ml/ bottle.