Coolant specialized for Resin wire cutting

1、Coolant performance requirements

2、Coolant series

Product Name Item Specifications Model Dilution ratio

Recommend using condition

Coolant high dilution coolant RY200 1:200 direct emissions
Coolant low dilution coolant  RY20 1:20 use recycle system

3、Coolant features

1. Developed for resin diamond cutting
2. Good performance in cooling, cleaning, inhibit foam
3. Reduce line mark, minimize the wafer edge damage, lower TTV
4. Environmental friendly performance, waste liquid from the cutting can be recycled by simple processing
5. Our one-componet  coolant can effectively reduce the white spot on wafer after post processing, which can be used more convenient than the two-component coolant on market, 
6. Easy to recycle

4、Coolant pictures